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Do you like warm beer? Enjoy people telling you where and when you can enjoy a drink of your choice? Well then don't bother getting a Trinken Lid!

Of course you don't! We know you like freedom and cold beer is obviously better. Enjoy a cold drink of your choice while avoiding harassment from The Man, with Trinken!


A Trinken Lid keeps your drink cold longer than a traditional beer cozy by forming an air barrier in between the can and your hand. Simply take your average can, beer, soda or whatever you drink, snap on a Trinken Lid and pop it on just about any to go coffee cup. Instant stealth cozy! Our patented system grabs the can by the rim allowing it to work with small, tall or skinny cans. The Trinken Lid also features an ergonomically designed spout that provides the nicest drinking experience and is much cleaner than drinking out of than a metal can.

"I'm from Halifax, where we also like to drink lots! Hah, used mine a few times at the park, and even just at home, really make drinking beer out of the can 100x better! "


Trinken Lids keep beer cold using still air, one the greatest insulators known to man. No re-freezing or preparation required, just snap on a can and pop in a cup!   


"This thing is genuis!"-Some drunk guy


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